How can we best serve you in your current situation?

We market to houses in the area because we love the area.

Why do you want to sell?

Want to sell fast?

Vacant house?

Benefits to working with Cash Flow Dad:

All Cash

Get paid in cash!  No more failed transactions due to financing issues.


No need to spend anymore money on costly repairs.

Close Quickly

Seller chooses how fast we close.

No Closing Costs

Buyer pays all closing costs.

No Realtors

Avoid the hassles of endless showings and negotiations.  No more commission fees.

Multiple Offers:

Cash Discount

Seller receives a lump sum at a discount price.  Fair, all cash offer, based on the market and the condition of the property.


Seller receives monthly payments for a certain amount of time.  Most people buy everything on terms; houses, cars, use of credit cards, etc. (down payment, monthly payments, interest, until it’s paid off).  Click HERE for additional Features & Benefits.


Seller receives both a discount on terms.  Guaranteed rent payments with no maintenance!  We’re here to assist every step of the way.  

Exit Strategies:

1. Buy & Hold

I am going to close on the property and keep it as a long term rental.  Set it up for positive cashflow and long term wealth accumulation.

2. Buy & Sell

I am going to close on the property and fix it up to resell it for a profit.  Fix and flip.

3. Joint VEnture

I am going to close on the property with my partners.

4. Sell to other Investors

I am going to check with my partners and if it fits one of their portfolios better, I will assign it to them, and they will step into my shoes at the closing table with you. 


"No matter the exit strategy for the property, I want you to know that you will get the exact dollar amount promised, and nothing will change on your end of the deal."
Cash Flow Dad

We're here to help!